Friday, 3 July 2015

jewelled ears, and rhinestone brows, a silver rhino

Fine, so, it says here, dissolve this powder in warm water, and I did. It ripped open the pain of a few years gone, a chorus of frogs in the underworld started bouncing up and down. The monster reared its head again, as was to be expected. With diamond eyes, pearl and silver jewelled ears, and rhinestone brows, a silver rhino, a crystal head full of rainbow prisms and glittering spheres dangling like a Christmas forest.
It exhaled a chilling cloud of frozen soap bubbles and distant chimes. Golden naked bodies on the shore behind it, fashioned in heaven by the goldsmith to Hollywood, cut charmed silhouettes through a fluffy sunrise.
In a cotton ball universe, unworldly and eerie like the promise of immortality itself, glitter and doom........................

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