Tuesday, 16 December 2014

1960s Shopping Center

Twas in a 1960s shopping center, which was desperately trying to be up to date with today's mall culture. On the rooftop -- say, on the 6th floor -- was a spa, the pool in a half moon shape, Greek amphitheater style steps rising up to sculptures of classic nudes in the corners. An unreconstructed disco bar served big beers to men in loin cloths, and in a smoking lounge adjacent, they sat wrapped in bath robes, watching the X-factor. Though advertised as a mixed nudist spa, guests were mostly straight men, who stared intensely, almost aggressively. The life guards kept reminding me to take off my panties, yet to put on some slippers because... Phwoar! Slippery. It being Christmas time, some kind of gingerbread hearts, candy floss and mulled wine mile was going on down in the streets below.

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