Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Nanowrimo is coming

Announcement...nanowrimo...I think I will do that this year, ideally for charity. Write a 50k words novel draft in a month. If there's one thing I've had trouble with it's plot making, and that's really why it will be so great to do this challenge.

With *fcking princess* I can begin to see where this is going. It's about a woman who ageing and desperately shopping for symbols of youth. And it's about feeling like plastic, like you're trapped in a gigantic Truman show. Wondering and keen to see if there's any gray and Orwellian bureau behind the scenes that orchestrates it all, looking behind the curtains, eventually slipping through cracks of everyday life, and be sucked into orbit--not a bad place to be, orbit, after all. Alien, and yet strangely dear. 

Being a woman in a world that desperately tampers with its own archives , and desperately wants to look and be different from the way it really is. And dampens voices and deletes furiously, and overstates, and shamesX and exaggerates... 

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